best Wheelchair Accessible Taxis Provider in Toronto Airport

If traveling through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in a wheelchair or with a mobility disability, navigating ground transportation can be daunting. Have no fear – with the right information on accessible vehicles for hire, you can arrange stress-free airport pickups and transfers.

Booking Wheelchair Accessible Taxis Toronto

The major taxi companies serving Pearson Airport all have wheelchair-accessible vans available. Beck Taxi, Co-Op Cabs, and torontopearsonairporttaxi can dispatch wheelchair van service directly from airport taxi stands. Simply notify airport staff you require an accessible taxi and they radio the next available wheelchair van driver. Wait times are rarely longer than 15-20 minutes.

Beck Taxi recommends booking wheelchair vans 24 hours in advance when possible by calling +1 416-751-5555. Provide your flight details and mobility needs. Co-Op Cabs and Diamond Taxicab also accept advanced reservations for wheelchair taxis through their dispatch offices.

Rideshares Offer Accessible Options

For rideshares, both Uber and Lyft offer accessible vehicles in Toronto. Open your app and select the UberWAV or Lyft Access option to request an accessible ride. While regular prices apply, you can arrange pickups at least 12 hours in advance for the ideal availability of wheelchair vans and minivans. Meet your driver at the designated rideshare pickup zone.

UberWAV vehicles can accommodate foldable wheelchairs, walkers, and collapsible scooters. Drivers are trained in properly securing mobility equipment. Lyft Access also provides handicap-accessible cars, though availability varies by location. Both rideshares charge standard metered fares estimated in-app.

Arriving at Pearson and Navigating the Airport

Upon arrival at Pearson Airport, navigating customs and baggage claim may be challenging in a mobility device before reaching ground transportation. Do not hesitate to ask airport staff clad in purple uniforms for assistance. Pearson Airport Facilitators are trained specifically to aid passengers with disabilities get to and from flights.

Airport staff can:

  • Escort you to meet your accessible taxi or pre-arranged rideshare
  • Assist with carrying luggage
  • Provide a wheelchair if needed
  • Direct you to accessible washrooms and waiting areas

Look for Facilitators stationed near arrival gates, information desks, taxi stands, and baggage claims. Wait times for assistance vary based on their availability.

Wheelchair Vehicle Policies

Wheelchair van policies vary slightly between taxi companies, but most allow only the driver plus 1-2 guest passengers in addition to the customer in a mobility device. Each van has wheelchair restraint systems to securely tie down your wheelchair, walker, or scooter during transport. Oversize specialty mobility equipment may incur fees.

Fares and Contact Information

Expect to pay standard metered taxi rates to destinations around Toronto, including downtown for approximately $50-70 CAD plus taxes and airport surcharges. Obtain an estimate from your driver upon boarding.

If you encounter any difficulty securing reliable, affordable transport that accommodates your disability, do not hesitate to contact a Pearson Airport Customer Service Supervisor. You can reach Airport Operations at +1 416-776-3055. They take accessibility seriously and work promptly to resolve issues.

I hope this guide has shed some light on navigating Toronto with a wheelchair after you touch down at Pearson Airport. You deserve transportation options that are just as accessible and convenient as anyone else’s. Safe travels!

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