Small Moral Story In English For Kids For Class 1 to 10

Best 10 Small Moral Story In English For Kids for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Many children are inspired by moral stories. We have gathered some of the most popular stories that have been trending recently. Even young children enjoy these types of stories.

1. The greedy dog – Small Moral Story in English

Once there was a dog carrying a piece of meat in his mouth. He was passing through a Jungle. He was crossing a bridge. Suddenly he saw his own Shadow in the river water.

after a while, he thought that another dog is carrying a piece of meat. He tried to snatch that meet also. He barked and the piece of meat fell into the river.

Moral – greed leads to all evils.

2. The hen and Golden eggs – Small Moral Story in English

There was a farmer. He lived in a small village. He had a hen. She gave a golden egg every day. By selling eggs the farmer becomes very rich.

One day he decided to get all the eggs in a single day. The hen was killed but the farmer could not get any Golden egg in its belly. He became very sad and repented for his act.

Moral – greed has a fall.

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3. Two friends and a bear – Small Moral Story in English

Once two close friends were passing through a Jungle. One was fat and the other was thin. When both reached the middle of the Jungle. Suddenly they saw a bear coming towards them.

The thin friends climbed a tree but the fat one could not climb. So, he lay on the ground like a dead body. The bear came and heard him. It saw the lying body.

It sniffed at the ear of the fat boy and went away. The thin friend got down from the tree. He asked the fat boy what the bear told in his ears. The fat friend said that he was saying be aware of selfish friends.

 Moral – A friend in need is a friend indeed.

4. The tailor and the elephant – Small Moral Story in English

In a certain town, there was an elephant. He used to go for a bath every day. There was a tailor shop in the way. Tailor used to feed bananas to elephants every day.

One day the tailor was angry. When the elephant came, he pricked the needle in his trunk. The elephant did not do anything. In return, Elephant filled its trunk with mud.

It came near the tailor shop and threw all the mud on the clothes. The Tailor was ruined.

Moral – Tit for tat, do bad get bad.

5. Two cats and a monkey – Small Moral Story in English

Once two cats got a loaf of bread. Bothe started quarreling for it. They decided to divide it between them. They called a monkey for the equal division of the bread.

Monkey broke the bread into two pieces. One was a little bigger than the other loaf. He ate a part of a bigger piece to make it equal. Again the Other piece was looking bigger. He again consumed a part of it. This way we consumed all the loaf of bread.

Moral – Don’t trust stranger quarrel is a curse.

6. The hare and the lion – Small Moral Story in English

Once upon a time, there was a big Lion in the forest. He would get an animal every day for his meal. One day it was the time for a hare to go to the Lion for his meal.

The hare was very clever. He reached a little late. The Lion roared and asked the reason for his late coming. The hare said that in the way. He met another lion. He was stronger.

The big lion becomes very angry. He accompanied the hare to see the other lion. The hare told him to look into a well. The Lion looked in. He saw his own shadow. He jumped into the well and died.

Model – Wisdom is mightier than power.

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7. The old tiger and the greedy man – Small Moral Story in English

There was an old Tiger. He was weak also. It was not possible for him to arrange his food. He decided to play a trick.

He took a golden Bengal and stood in a muddy field. A greedy man was passing through. The tiger said to him that he wanted to give that bangle to a good man. The greedy man got trapped in Tiger’s plan.

He went near the tiger to take that golden bangle. He was trapped in the muddy field. The tiger killed him.

Moral – Never believe in strangers. Greed is a sin.

8. The mongoose and the women – Small Moral Story in English

There was a woman. She had a son. She had a mongoose too. One day she was going to the market. She left his little son with the mongoose.

When she came back she saw the mongoose at the door. Its mouth was full of the flood. The women thought that the mongoose has killed the boy.

She killed the mongoose at once. When she entered the room, she saw a dead snake beside her little son. Her son was sleeping peacefully. The woman knew the truth but it was too late.

Moral – Haste makes waste.

9. The unworthy woman – Small Moral Story in English

Once upon a time, there was a selfish woman. She was baking a cake. A holy man passed through her way. He was Hungry.

He asked little cake for him, but the woman was not willing to give him anything. The holy man asked for the cake again and again, but she did not give anything to him. The holy man got angry and made her a bird.

Moral – Selfishness causes doom

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10. The blue jackal – Small Moral Story in English

One jackal fell into the pit. The pit was full of blue color. The Jackal turned blue. He went to the forest and declared himself the king.

Nobody could identify him that he was Jackal. One day he listened to the voice of another Jackal. He forgot everything and started barking. The tiger knew his real identity and killed him.

Moral – Truth always prevails.

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