top 5 Threads App’s Popular Accounts: Who Has the Most Followers?

What are the most followed Accounts on the Threads app? well, this is the most searchable question after the launching of the new app by Meta.

Threads, the latest social media sensation introduced by Meta, has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity. Drawing comparisons to Twitter, this brand-new app has captured the attention of numerous users who have eagerly signed up. As a result, Threads has quickly become a hub for influencers and celebrities, with several of them emerging as the platform’s top-followed individuals.

For those who are new to Threads, it’s natural to be curious about the profiles that are generating the highest levels of engagement. Although still in its early stages, there are already several profiles on Threads that boast an impressive following of over a million users.

5 Most Followed Accounts on Threads App

1. MrBeast (3+ million followers)

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With a staggering count of 3.7 million followers and still increasing, the legendary YouTuber MrBeast has made history by becoming the most followed profile on Threads in 2 days after launching this amazing app. And his fan base is only getting larger with time.

In the real world, he goes by the name James Stephen Donaldson, and he is famous for pioneering YouTube videos that revolve around exciting challenges and daring stunts.

As a result, MrBeast has attracted a massive audience on the video-sharing platform. Some of his most viral videos involve giving away prize money, making donations, and engaging in charitable acts. In addition to his vlogs, he has also ventured into creating sub-channels that cover a wide range of topics, including reactions, gaming, and philanthropy.

His Profile link is here:

2. Kim Kardashian (3 Million Followers)

Kim Kardashian 3 Million followers on Threads

You got it! Kim Kardashian holds the crown on Threads with an impressive 3+ million followers. What’s even more intriguing is that she hasn’t posted any threads on the platform yet. We’re all eagerly waiting for Kim to make her debut on Threads. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!

Her Threads Profile link is:

3. Shakira (3+ million followers) – the 3rd Most followed Person on Threads App

The adored pop singer has once again made a mark by breaking records, and this time it’s on Threads. Currently, she has an impressive following of 3+ million fans on her profile after the launching of this app in just 2 days.

Her Threads Profile link is:

This Colombian music artist has been a part of the industry since the early 90s, starting her career as a child. Since then, she has experienced tremendous growth, delivering numerous chart-topping hits.

Some of her most popular songs include iconic tracks like “Hips Don’t Lie,” “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa),” and “Whenever, Wherever.” While her expertise lies in Latin music, she is also known for her experimentation with different genres. In fact, she draws inspiration from a diverse range of cultures, embracing influences from South American to Arab traditions.

4. Jennifer Lopez (2+ million followers)

The third number, with the most followed person on threads app is Jennifer Lopez. She has crossed 2.1+ Million Followers in just 2 days. also, The actress also invited her Twitter followers to join her on the new social media app with a Tweet of her Threads link.

5. Ellen DeGeneres (2+ million followers) – Most followed Profile on Threads

most followed accounts on threads app

Ellen DeGeneres holds the 12th spot among the most followed accounts on Twitter. As of June 6, she became the user with the highest number of Twitter followers to join and post on Threads.

Shortly after the launch of Threads, DeGeneres made her debut on the platform by sharing her first post. Her message read, “Welcome to Gay Twitter!”

Her Threads Link is here:

Wrapping Up

Threads, the new social media app by Meta, has quickly gained popularity among influencers and celebrities. It has become a hub for engaging with top personalities and discovering unique content. The Most followed accounts on threads, From renowned YouTuber MrBeast to global pop sensation Shakira, these influential figures have amassed significant followings on the platform.

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Ellen DeGeneres have also joined Threads, attracting eager fans and bringing their own flair to the app. With its growing user base and exciting interactions, Threads offers a dynamic space for connecting with favorite personalities and exploring diverse content.

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