How To change your profile picture on threads app?

Looking to give your threads profile a fresh and personalized touch? Wondering how to change your profile picture on Threads? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the process step by step, empowering you to update your profile picture with ease.

Introducing Threads by Instagram, a fresh and exciting social media platform created by Meta, which made its debut on July 6th, 2023. If you’re eager to establish yourself on a new social media platform but feeling unsure about where to begin, fear not! We’re here to guide you through the fundamental steps.

How To change your profile picture on threads app?

1: Open Threads App

The first step is to open the Threads app on your mobile device.

2: Login Your Account

Once you’ve opened the app, log in to your Threads account using your registered email address or phone number or already registered Instagram Account.

3: Click On Profile Icon

click on profile icon to change your profile picture
click on profile icon

Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll find yourself on the home screen of the Threads app. Locate the profile icon, usually positioned at the top left or right corner of the screen, and give it a tap.

3. Click on Edit Profile

After going to the profile section now click on Edit Profile.

click on edit profile button
click on edit profile button

5. Tap on Your Current Profile Picture

Select your profile picture from this new menu. If you haven’t added a profile picture yet, it looks like a person with a plus icon next to it.

Select Picture from Gallary or Instagram Account
Select Picture from Gallary or Instagram Account

6. Select a New Profile Picture

Click on The Profile Icon. Threads offer three distinct choices to cater to your preferences and needs: selecting an image from your device’s gallery, capturing a fresh photo using your device’s camera, or picking an image from your linked Instagram account.

  • To pick a picture from your device’s gallery, simply choose the “Gallery” option. From there, you can navigate through your gallery and find the image that perfectly embodies your desired profile picture.
  • If you’re in the mood to capture a fresh snapshot, opt for the “Camera” option. By selecting this, Threads will launch your device’s camera interface, allowing you to position yourself or any subject you desire. When you’re ready, tap the capture button to freeze the moment in a brand-new photo. This photo can then be chosen as your captivating profile picture.
  • For those who have linked their Instagram account to Threads, there’s an extra option at your disposal. Select the “Instagram” option, and you’ll gain access to your Instagram feed. Take your time to browse through your Instagram photos until you stumble upon the one that resonates with your desired profile picture. Once you’ve found it, go ahead and select it as your new profile picture in Threads.

7. Confirm Your New Profile Picture

After selecting your new profile picture, Threads will display a preview. Review it and tap “Confirm” or “Save” if you’re happy with the changes.

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Can I change my profile picture on Threads from my PC?

No, Threads by Instagram is a mobile app designed for iOS and Android devices. You can only change your profile picture using the Threads app on your mobile device.

Will changing my profile picture on Threads affect my profile picture on Instagram?

No, modifying your profile picture on Threads will not have any effect on your Instagram profile picture. These platforms operate independently, allowing you to have distinct profile pictures on each platform.

How often can I change my profile picture on Threads?

On Threads, you have the flexibility to change your profile picture as often as you like. There are no restrictions or limitations on how frequently you can update your profile picture.

What are the recommended dimensions for a Threads profile picture?

To ensure your profile picture on Threads looks its best, it’s recommended to use an image with dimensions of 360 pixels by 360 pixels. This square aspect ratio will help maintain the clarity and visibility of your profile picture on the platform.

Can I use a GIF or an animated image as my profile picture on Threads?

Currently, Threads supports only static images as profile pictures. Animated images or GIFs cannot be used as profile pictures on the platform.

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